Oh hey there,
I'm Anne-Louise!

Firstly lets begin with a massive warm welcome to you and an introduction to my business. Thirty and Thriving is an exciting life coaching business packed full of zest with over 10 years experience in training.  I am an Internationally certified life coach and NLP Practitioner with a passion for transformational change! Dedicated to female empowerment, confidence and business success, this company wholeheartedly devotes itself to working with women of all ages to create bespoke training content that delivers true results. Using a combination of coaching tools, healing techniques and spiritual practices, Thirty and Thriving is the key to achieving limitless success and true fulfilment in life and business. 

So what's the story behind Thirty and Thriving?

Well, the story here is a relatively simple one. Like many people, I too fell into my career by accident. I studied Human Resources at University and instantly fell in love with the training side of a business, so when the opportunity arose to work for a global Learning & Development sales team, I grabbed it with both hands and entered the City of London with a bang!

For the next 10 years I worked A LOT, slept a little and regularly ignored my inner voice, which over time, was calling for change. I wanted a career that I could be passionate about, a job I could look forward to going to on a Monday, and something that would allow me to use the natural affinity I had with people alongside the coaching skills I'd acquired throughout my profession.

I then stumbled across a theory known as 'Saturn Returns' that really peaked my interest.

To anyone who's unfamiliar with this concept, this is an astrological theory that believes Saturn's orbital journey is linked directly to the three stages of life; youth (0-30), adulthood (30-60) and wisdom (60+). According to this theory, during the transition of each stage, things you loved five, or even 10 years ago can start to feel ominous, even unappealing. For a lot of people (myself included), this first 'return' wasn't exactly the easiest and like many people, I too questioned everything in my life.


Who I was? Where I was going?

What did I want my future to look like?

So after much self work, a letter of resignation, a few difficult discussions and a postcode change - Thirty and Thriving was born! Over the space of 6 months my life completely changed and I am now finally on the path to achieving my desired freedom, outlook and divine purpose in life all thanks to the amazing industry and women I work with.

So here's the big question, are YOU ready to make a change?

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