Anxiety, does it control every decision you make?

If that's a big fat 'YES', then look no further.
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The 7 Day Anxiety Relief Workshop

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In this workshop you'll learn..

🙏🏻 What anxiety is and how to recognise the signs early

🙏🏻  How to call out your ‘anxiety storyline’ and why it’s important

🙏🏻  How to use a ‘state scale’ to measure your current situation.

🙏🏻  How to get intentional and start your day off right.

🙏🏻  How to obtain ‘easy wins’ to achieve a healthier mindset.

🙏🏻  How to use meditation to reduce anxiety.

🙏🏻  How to use (and tailor) affirmations to build confidence.

🙏🏻  A powerful way to activate your parasympathetic nervous system.

🙏🏻  What EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is and how to use it.

🙏🏻  How to use a ‘state scale’ to measure progress.