Are you ready to wake up to your worth?

The Elevate Series

An eight week coaching series that takes place over 16 deep, intuitive weeks.

In this series you will learn how to connect with intuition and bring your desires into reality. You will discover that you are in fact capable of doing anything you set your mind to; and whilst you may currently believe that 'life' is the thing holding you back...

this series is here to challenge that notion and get things moving!


- Do you ever wonder how different your life would be if you had the confidence to ask for that promotion, start that business, or strike up a conversation with a handsome stranger?

- Have the last few years knocked your confidence, stolen your zest for life and left you feeling deflated?

- Do you ever wish you loved your body more?

- Are you terrified of being the centre of attention or are you worried about making a fool of yourself all the time?

- Do you feel trapped in a life you built and scared to show people the real you?

- Maybe you don’t even know who the real you is anymore because you’re too afraid to ask the questions you know you need to in order to be truly happy?

If you've answered YES to any of the above, you're in the right place.


No more fears.

No more excuses.

No more limitations.

No more disappointments.

The Elevate Series is a POWERFUL INTUITIVE coaching programme led by you, and hosted through me.

This 3 month coaching container is an intensive, action orientated and extremely goal focused. The coaching method used within this programme aligns to the ICF Core Competencies and has been specifically built to put you back in the driving seat!


Let's get things moving!!


If you're ready to...

Dream big and welcome in the changes you’ve been promising yourself for the last 12+ months

Be the person you were born to be, centre stage and unafraid

Give yourself permission to have all the things you know you deserve

Stop messing about with excuses and get somewhere

Raise your standards to match

your awesomeness

Start achieving the things that

actually matter to YOU


What's Included?

The Elevate Series is an intuitive led course which is designed to fill each client's needs uniquely. Below I have provided a previous client's coaching blueprint to give you an idea of what this journey could look like. However rest assured, your journey will be tailored to meet your needs, specifically and will include a robust structure to get you the results you're seeking. 

Discovery Week

Dream Big & Aim High! What are you looking to achieve in this series and what do we need to do in order to get there.

Success Stories

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> The Elevate Series 

- 16 Weeks, 8 Live sessions

- 32 hours of self-development

- Personalised coaching platform

- Weekly deep dive homework

- Unlimited Voxer support

> Plus Bonuses:

- Free 3 Month Access to the Thirty & Thriving Confidence Club Community (worth £672 annually)

- BONUS 7 Day Meditation Course (worth £444)


Instalment options available*

Got Questions?

Who is The Elevate Series for?

The Elevate Series is for the ambitious woman looking to level up! She has an idea of what she wants but she's unsure of how to get there. She's eager, ready to learn and hungry for change. She might not have every detail defined in her vision but she does know she's ready to get things moving. 

The Elevate Series is here to make these dreams a reality!


Are you ready to rise up?