The 'Audacious'

Three Day Challenge

Audacious definition: 'a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.'

Does this sound like you?

Do you always put yourself last?
Do you constantly feel disconnected from your authentic self?
Are you forever putting time aside for self-love and affection but you're rarely ever feeling the benefits?
Do you have tons of goals but you can't bring yourself to accomplish them?
Are you painfully aware that you're craving more out of life?

Then girlfriend, you're in the right place...and you're not alone.

Sign up to the challenge if you want to:

Soulfully connect with your intuition and core values.
Break the negative habit loops that are keeping you stuck.
Learn how to communicate with Universe to manifest in your deepest desires.

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During the course of this challenge, you will discover a powerful combination of coaching tools and healing techniques that are designed to create momentum & facilitate change.

So whether you're looking to alter something in your work or personal life - this challenge is here to support and soulfully push you at every stage. 

By the end of this challenge you will feel:

Aligned with who you are and what you want out of life.
Motivated to go out there and get what you want from life.
Inspired to make changes and confident enough to do so.
Ready to take on life's questions and excited to answer them.
Completely energised and totally in sync with where you're headed.

So, what's included?

Within this three day challenge, you will receive:

Exclusive access to the Thirty & Thriving FB community with regular free training and support.
3 follow up
workbooks packed FULL of coaching tools and guidance.
3 live powerful coaching sessions to download

Ready to begin?

...I couldn't be more excited for you!!