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Emily M

Making a change in your career can seem impossible. Anne-Louise helped me to organise myself and set a clear path on what I really wanted, she supported me when other issues came up and gave me the confidence to make the leap, assuring me at every stage that I was capable of figuring this out. I now run my own business with confidence and self-respect, doing exactly what i've always wanted to do. Thank you!!!
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Anntonia R

When I started the A&B course I was lost and confused and frankly didn’t know what I wanted from life. I was trying to tick off a list of achievements which didn’t align with me. Anne-Louise helped me tap in to my subconscious to overcome the voice of doubt in my head and realise the potential I had all along to go after the things that I believe are important and most importantly that I want. I whole heartedly recommend this course to anyone who is at that point where the internal compass has got stuck and feels broken. Anne-Louise has the most amazing warmth and compassion, the environment she creates is safe and fills you with the warmth of a big hug. Anne-Louise you have shown me the light and I can’t thank you enough!


Abigail C

When going through issues, your mind can get full of confusion and noise, especially of the unknown; you can feel paralysed to move forward. Anne-Louise has an incredible way of helping you cut through that noise. She helped me to find the tools I needed in order to make a huge decision, much more manageable. She helped me to make the big challenges, bite size milestones. Massive thank you <3

Lucinda N

Anne-Louise helped me to reach my full potential in my career, wellbeing and happiness. She's taught me life changing methods to make clear, concise and direct decisions for any situation. I feel like a completely different person. I am energised, motivated and confident. I really needed the support she gave me and throughout the programme she never let me down. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!